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When you are ready to take your business to the next level - we can help
Mergers & Acquisitions


Widebridge Group has extensive experience in Mergers and Acquisitions.


On the sell-side, we are experts in positioning our clients for sale in order to properly market them to the most qualified buyers. We then create competitive tension through a tightly managed process in order to achieve the highest price.


On the buy side we can identify targets, provide valuation, financing and structuring advice as well as assist with the approach to and negotiation with potential targets worldwide.

Private Placements


For companies seeking either growth capital or looking to sell a significant stake through a private placement, Widebridge Group can use its global network, significant expertise in targeting investors and managing a process in order to get the deal closed.


Our belief is that finding smart money with the proper outlook and strategic tie-ins is just as important, if not more important, than obtaining the highest valuation.


Our private placement activities include debt, mezzanine and equity for private companies in select geographies

Pre-IPO Advisory


Widebridge offers an independent pre-IPO advisory service to companies of all sizes that are preparing to hire a large institution for IPOs or other large financings.


Selecting the right institutions to lead your IPO is a key element to success as a public company. Our pre-IPO advisory service provides the perspective of an experienced Wall Street banker in advance of selecting a lead bookrunner.


Services include positioning of the company through a well-crafted roadshow presentation, working with the Company to develop its financial model, getting ready for investor due diligence and assessing overall readiness for a transaction.


Following this, we will participate with our clients during bankers' presentations and provide independent advice to help them to select and then negotiate with both their lead bookrunners and co-managers.

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